Video Production Basics

Pre production

This is the initial phase where the shoot is planned.  Information is shared and collected so that on the actual day of the shoot, everthing is in place.  How many cameras will be needed?  How will audio be recorded?  Will additional lighting or a background be required?  These are some common considerations.

A pre production meeting can be in person, on the phone, or with the majority of clients these days, via email.  Often a brief meeting on the day of your shoot just before the camera rolls is all that’s needed.

The important piece is to share any specific concerns or questions, or make us aware of any important considerations that will enable us to match your vision as close as possible.


This is the actual video shoot itself.  Setup typically takes at least 30 minutes.  One or more cameras capture the event in real time.  In the case of live music or dance, speeches, or any event that uses a microphone, we also make an audio recording, which will later be married with the video.

Post production

This is where the majority of time is spent producing your video.  It’s understandable that many think that an hour’s worth of video should take no more than an hour to complete.  Depending on how many cuts, the color correction needed, how many cameras are used, the amount of graphic elements, it can take anywhere from two or three hours, up to ten hours or more.  Major motion pictures often spend many hours of post production on a single minute of moving image.  Some of our packages, and all of our services by the hour, include the option to view the progress of your video online, and recommend any changes you like.


For years, we delivered video only on a small shiny disc.  As ironic as this may seem with the return of the vinyl record, video delivery on disc has its days numbered.  Much more common today is delivery on flash drive, or downloadable file.  And for those that still enjoy the nostalgia of shiny discs, we will continue to deliver on this style of media for some time to come.