Austin Couple Downtown
Austin Couple Downtown

Much more than just a “slide show” a video photo montage is animated from photographs, 35mm slides, or digital images.  Montage sequences can be combined with moving images from video tape, super 8mm, or standard 8mm film, video we capture, or all of these combined.

Your images may be provided in digital format, or we can scan your print images for you.  Your video can be delivered on DVD, HD Blu-Ray disc, or in a file format suitable for publishing to the web, as well as viewing on iPads, iPhones, and similar devices.

Important information about preparing your photos

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Video Photo Montage Pricing Information

  • Includes up to 150 photographs (print or digital formats)
  • Basic color and level correction
  • Documentary style production
  • Custom titles and music
  • Your choice of Blu-Ray or DVD

Living Portrait Documentary

This option creates the complete documentary experience, by combining still and moving images.  Location video coverage at your location for up to two hours.  You and your family members or friends, your photographs, and your memories are recorded and preserved in a stylish documentary format.