Organizing Your Photos

In order for us to insure your photos appear in the order you desire, we recommend numbering your photos.  For print photos, you can write on the back of your photos with a pencil, or use sticky note labels. We caution against using a pen, as the ink may leak through. If you make a mistake in the numbering order, instead of renumbering them all, just insert the new image(s) with a letter added. For example, 23, 23A, 23B, and so on.  If you are providing your photos in digital format, you can simply name them in the order you would like them to appear.  1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so on.

Planning Your Presentation

At a minimum, we suggest at least an opening title, such as “The Love Story of Jane and John”.  If your presentation is for a wedding celebration, we recommend separating your photos into sections.  These sections typically have their own separate piece of background music.  The first segment might feature the bride from child to adult, the second segment would feature the same for the groom, and a third section would be photos of the couple together.


You may of course select the music used for your presentation.  We can provide selections from a large selection of royalty free music if you prefer.  Most popular songs are around three minutes in length.  This would typically take approximately 25 to 35 images.  You can of course specify less, and the song could be faded out early.  Music selection may be provided in .mp3 format, or on CD.  We suggest using a tool such as Dropbox with MP3 files, as they sometimes present problems with email.


Video content may be provided via DVD, Mini DV tape, VHS, or digital file.  Older obsolete tape formats will incur a conversion fee.  As video files are often too large to email, they may be provided on disc, flash drive, or an online file sharing site such as Dropbox or Microsoft’s SkyDrive.  Online sharing tools are ideal for projects where materials are to be collected from multiple individuals.

Taking Notes

It’s helpful to note down a simple outline for your presentation.  Here’s an example:

Title: Jane and John – A Love For The AgesSection one:
Title: Jane Marie Doe – Born July 6th 1995
Photos 1 to 26
Instrumental guitar musicSection two:
Title: John Mark Smith – Born May 12th 1994
Photos 27 to 51
Light piano musicSection Three
Title: And Then They Meet
Insert video  02:30 to 03:27
Photos 52 to end
Rock music

Other Considerations

We can scan your print photos.  If your pictures are from a digital camera, you may simply rename the files “1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg…” and so on.  prefer to scan their own photos, we suggest sending a sample scan for review.  Many consumer level scanners do not produce a high quality photo scan.  Particularly those combined with a printer.  Be sure to set the quality to “high” or if the setting is in dpi, to at least 300.

Please note that we must have all materials to be used in your presentation before production may begin.

If you have any questions about preparing your photos, or any other details about your montage, please contact us.